Child Health Projects in Ethiopia

Lab supplies and set up In Ethiopia

The maternal child health projects in Ethiopia are a great example of how philanthropic efforts can create positive change. The donation of lab equipment and ultrasound technology made an incredible difference for the people living in the area. It gives mothers access to critical care and resources during pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

Having access to this equipment means that pregnant women can get regular check-ups to monitor their health throughout their pregnancy. This includes necessary tests like ultrasounds, which can detect possible birth defects or other abnormalities that could be detrimental for both mother and baby if left untreated. Additionally, having access to lab equipment enables healthcare professionals to diagnose any potential illnesses or conditions quickly and accurately so that appropriate treatment can be administered as soon as possible.

Child Health Projects in Ecuador

Ecuador: Birth Center set up

The birth center set up in Ecuador funded by New Life Global Missions offers free care as well as offering services such as prenatal classes and breastfeeding support groups which are beneficial for both the mother’s physical health before delivery as well as necessary emotional support after delivery. This allows expecting mothers access to resources that may not be available in some rural areas due to lack of resources or financial constraints. Overall this initiative ensures that all women have access to quality care when giving birth regardless of their background, income level, or location which will be incredibly beneficial both short-term and long-term for the health outcomes of all involved parties – mother, baby, family members etc.

Child Health Projects in Mexico

Mexico Projects

New Life Global Missions recently completed a major project in Mexico, donating equipment to help start up two new birth centers and providing one week of hands on obstetric emergency skills training to local midwives. This initiative will have lasting positive impacts on the health and well-being of Mexican women and infants.

The weeklong health fair that was part of this initiative saw over 100 women receive care, with 80 Pap smears performed. Women received ultrasound examinations, laboratory tests, Pap smears and reproductive health services as part of the health fair. This free medical assistance was invaluable in ensuring that pregnant women had access to the necessary care for a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

Child Health Projects in Uganda

Uganda Projects

Uganda is a country that has faced many health care challenges, especially in rural areas. In order to address these issues, New Life Global Missions has provided financial support to local birth centers in Uganda. Through this funding, the mission was able to provide important outreach programs for villages and train local midwives in obstetric emergencies. This training allowed midwives to be better prepared for any complications that may arise during childbirth and improved the quality of care for mothers and newborns alike.

In addition to training, the mission was also able to purchase necessary equipment for the birth centers, as well as make improvements on their facilities. These improvements included repairs on buildings and additional medical supplies that were not previously available in these remote locations. With all of these efforts combined, New Life Global Missions was able to improve access and availability of resources so that mothers could have safe deliveries without having to travel far distances.

Child Health Projects in Peru

Peru Project

We undertook an ambitious health outreach program to provide general health care to women in Mennonite colonies located throughout the Amazon. To access these remote locations, we traveled by plane, boat, and off-road vehicle for several days before reaching our destination. Finally, once we had arrived at the Mennonite colonies, we employed the use of a traditional tuk-tuk and horse-drawn wagon to reach each home with all necessary medical supplies and treatment services over a period of 10 days.