Education Programs

Education programs give children and adults an opportunity to break the cycle of poverty. This training can take place either in orphanages, schools or in the form of vocational training. By equipping God’s people with skills and education we increase their chances of securing a job.

Education Programs

Programs for Woman & Children

New Life offers programs for both women and children, such as natural childbirth classes, prenatal nutrition, creative projects and sock & underwear drives. These programs are helping to improve the lives of hundreds of people worldwide.

Programs for Women

These programs include activities such as pregnancy yoga, labor and delivery preparation, breastfeeding, and newborn care. We are also able to provide resources such as referrals to prenatal care providers, resources for health insurance and financial assistance, and postpartum support services. We typically educate around 100 women at each event and provide refreshments for attendees.

Programs For Children

These programs are carried at in orphanages worldwide. We offer Creative Kids Programs and Sock and Underwear Drives. New Life supplies all the necessary items for creative projects with the children, these projects are greatly treasured by the children! The Sock and Underwear Drives take place in US churches, New Life picks up and distributes these items to orphanages in Mexico.

Micro Loans

We offer a range of programs to help women in developing countries. These microloans, combined with the education and training we provide, help women to start their own small businesses, such as chicken farms, sewing shops, or food stands. This gives them the opportunity to become independent and self-sustaining, and to create a brighter future for themselves and their families.

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Education Programs

New Life is an organization dedicated to providing educational programs and services for women and children worldwide.

For women, New Life offers natural childbirth classes, prenatal nutrition education, fetal development courses, STD education, and more. These programs are carried out in a fun atmosphere with a Q&A period and snack time for around 100 women per event.

For children, New Life hosts Creative Kids Programs which provide the necessary items for creative projects with the children. Additionally, New Life carries out Sock and Underwear Drives in US churches which are then distributed to orphanages all over Mexico.

Overall, New Life is committed to making sure that both women and children have access to quality education around the world.