Missionary Midwife-Stipend

Location: Various locations around the world

Job Summary:
The Missionary Midwife – Stipend is responsible for providing comprehensive midwifery care, teaching, and supervision to clients living in rural, low-resource areas in need of quality maternity care. This person will serve full-time overseas and will be expected to work closely within a team responsible for outreach programs and births.

This opportunity provides individuals with the opportunity to work on an international level to further their knowledge and experience in their given field. This full-time position will be employed on a stipend basis and offer the chance to visit different countries and attend international conferences and field trips.

Apply Today

Are you passionate about empowering women around the world? Do you have a heart for maternal health and the education of student midwives? Become a missionary midwife today and join the team to lead in healthcare outreach efforts! Working onsite overseas, you will guide student midwives in their learning while overseeing births and participating in outreach programs. Your work will have a direct impact on rising up local communities, and we provide full time stipends to ensure that you are taken care of overseas. Apply now to make a difference around the world.