Mobile Clinics

New Life Global Missions is committed to making quality health care accessible and affordable for underserved communities. Through the mobile clinic, we aim to bring quality medical services to the doorsteps of those who need it most. By working with local health authorities and community leaders, we hope to make a lasting impact on the health and wellbeing of women and children in the areas we serve. Join us in our mission and help us make a difference in the lives of those in need.

So why exactly is the mobile clinic dedicated specifically to women and children? Well, the reason is simple. Women and children often face unique health challenges that require specialized care and attention. From prenatal care and gynecological services to child vaccinations and pediatric care, this mobile clinic aims to provide comprehensive health care services to the most vulnerable and marginalized members of our society.

Improved Health for the Community

One of the main services offered by the mobile clinic is eye exams, which are essential for maintaining overall health and wellbeing. This is especially crucial for children, as their eyes are still developing and early detection of any vision issues can prevent long-term damage. In addition to eye exams, the clinic will also provide education on proper dental care and oral hygiene. Many children and women in underserved communities do not have access to basic dental care, leading to serious oral health issues. By providing education and check-ups, the mobile clinic hopes to improve the overall dental health of the community. Well checks and emergency care will also be available at the mobile clinic, ensuring that women and children receive timely and appropriate medical attention when needed. From screenings for common illnesses to ongoing monitoring of chronic conditions, the clinic will provide comprehensive care for patients of all ages. In case of emergencies, the clinic will be equipped with basic medical supplies and trained staff to provide immediate care and stabilize patients before transporting them to a hospital.

Core Focus

The core focus of the mobile clinic will be on maternity and gynaecological services. Many women in rural and underprivileged communities do not have access to proper maternal care, leading to high rates of pregnancies complications and maternal mortality. This clinic aims to bridge that gap by providing prenatal care, regular check-ups, and screenings for any potential risks during pregnancy. Additionally, gynaecological services such as pap smears, birth control counselling, and sexual health education will also be available. The services provided by the mobile clinic will not only address immediate health needs, but also promote long-term health and wellbeing for women and children in the community. By providing education, preventative care, and access to essential services, the clinic hopes to improve the overall health of the community and empower women and children to take control of their own health.