Board Members

Board President & Operations Director

Morgan has been attending births for over 12 years. She is a certified and licensed midwife as well as a Natural Health Practitioner. Married and mother of four beautiful children she enjoys homeschooling, farm life, travelling and meeting new people. She has worked extensively in low resource countries providing compassionate medical care, it has been through her travels that she saw the need for midwife run birth centers that not only provide medical care but show Christ’s love at the same time. Morgan, her husband and 4 children are deployed all over the world for New Life Global Missions.

Board Secretary & Managing Director

Alyssa, a Licensed Midwife, has had the privilege of attending over 800 birthing women. She is instructional faculty at a Medical University where she provides the PA students with Maternity/Women, Health clinical rotations and education. She is also a guest lecturer for several other Medical school residency programs and is a registered preceptor for multiple Midwifery education and certification programs.

Jordan Hunter
Board Treasurer & Ministry Partner

Long term financial, and prayer supporter of mother and Children’s Ministries, worked over three years as team member for Youth Horse ranch, as well 2 years in a Christian home for young boys.

Jordan is passionate about children ministries, and missions of service and love.

A United States Veteran, Traditional woodworker, Horseman, pastor, and husband; Jordan Has spent much of His life a student of Theology, has attended multiple Biblical colleges and is currently finishing His degree in Biblical studies at Masters University of California.

In 2020 Jordan founded The Lantern Church of Antelope Valley California, and has been leading, preaching, teaching andgrowing the church ever since. The lantern Church has directly partnered with New Life Global Missions, and continues to support the ministry through finances, prayer, and Donations of time and physical needs.

Our greatest calling in life is not money or worldly endeavor, our purpose does not come from our own ideas and our life should not be what we want to create, but in all things we must find our place, not within this world of selfish ambition, but within the Kingdom of Almighty God. Finding His purpose and His will for our lives, must be our number one priority in life. Until we can do this we will forever be lost within the hypnotic drum beat of this lost world.

International Educators

Voting Board Member & International Midwifery Educator

Carissa, one of our International Midwifery Educators and voting board members, is a Certified and Licensed Midwife from the United States. She has also worked in multiple home birth and birth center practices throughout the world. Carissa works on the ground for New Life each year in 3 month rotations. Carissa holds many other certifications that include: Doula, First Responder and Breastfeeding Specialist.

International Midwifery Educator

Sarah grew up as a missionary kid in China where she met her husband Drew in 2006. Sarah and Drew have 3 beautiful children together. Greatly touched by her parents work with orphans, Sarah and Drew adopted a little boy from Ethiopia in 2013, 8 months after they had their first daughter born at home. Sarah is a passionate certified and licensed Midwife with a heart for women of all cultures. In 2005 Sarah worked at a birthing center in the Philippines helping women in the slums of Mania for a year and a half. It was there that she truly gained her love for making an impact on Global maternal health care. Since that time she has been working in various countries such as China, Honduras, Ecuador, Ethiopia and so on to improve maternal health care wherever she can.

USA Team Members

Mike & Abby
Ministry Partners

Mike and Abby are missionary partners from the Lantern Church, in Rosamond California. They serve as the missions and outreach coordinators for the Lantern Church. Abby has served on medical missions to Haiti and is a Registered Respiratory Therapist specializing in Neonatal Intensive Care. Mike serves on construction teams specializing in W.A.S.H., Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene and serves on D.A.R.T., Disaster Assistance Response Teams. They have been married for 18 years and have 3 wonderful children, Megan, Colton, and Lillian.


Laura has been in Communications for the last decade, her out going personality and fun spirit make her the perfect fit for New Life. She works part time to plan and implement communication strategies. Keep track of company related matters published in the media. Draft Media releases, and supervise listings and media kit development. Initiate, plan and supervise media promotion.

Patrick & Sunshine
Philippine’s Food Program

Patrick and Sunshine have 2 adorable children! Sunshine originally from the Philippines has a heart for her family and the people living in her home village. Both Patrick and Sunshine currently live in the US but hope to return to the Philippine’s in the near future to raise their family and continue serving the people there.