Professional Midwifery Degree

Program Information:
Alegria Midwifery College offers a professional midwifery degree course designed to equip midwives to serve women in their current community and around the world. Created by experienced midwives and educators who have 35+ years of combined global experience, the program is perfect for midwives who want to participate in mission work or who live in developing countries or conservative religions. With successful completion of this course, midwives will be fully prepared to provide the highest level of care to women everywhere. You can register and enroll today, course starts in January 2024.

  • Program length: 3 years, full-time program, 63 credits and more than 500+ hours
    of clinical experience
  • Bi-weekly 45 min video calls with our faculty
  • Online option: yes, first, second and third year classes are online. Except yearly
    1 week Hands On Skills in Mexico, Europe or South America. Dependent on where the majority of students are located
  • Yearly. Student Packet, containing midwifery items for your career
  • Program details: Masters in Professional Midwifery degree

5 Reasons to Enroll



Comprehensive course offering from experienced professionals with over 35 years of combined experience.



Affordable tuition costs and flexible payment options.


Gain Experience

Gain clinical experience and to participate in a hands-on skills program in other countries.


Funding Available

Scholarship funding is available for those who need it.


Receive Degree

Receive a Masters in Professional Midwifery degree upon completion.

Cost of program

The cost of this program is $2,500 per year. This fee can be paid in full or split into two payments. The second payment being due 4 months after the first. New Life is committed to helping you become a midwife and offers a sliding scale for those that require financial assistance. Please contact us for more details on the scholarship programs we offer.

Skills week:

Attendance to the skills drills are mandatory. They will take place each weekday from 9am until 6pm over a 6-week period. Travel expenses are not covered. The drills will cover topics such as managing a labor and delivery unit, monitoring and evaluating patient responses, using evidence-based practices, and advanced medical technology.

Our Goal

Our goal is to equip highly-qualified and dedicated midwives with the skills and knowledge needed to provide the best possible care for women, babies, and families, regardless of their backgrounds. We firmly believe that all midwives should be knowledgeable about the latest scientific evidence and adhere to the Midwives Model of Care.

Skills drills – Year 1

Initial Exam skills, Prenatal Exam skills, IV Therapy, Phlebotomy, Patient Centered Care/Bedside Manner, Catheter Insertion and Removal, Neonatal Resuscitation, New-born Assessment, Postpartum Exam skills

Year 2

Postpartum Haemorrhage, Obstetric Suturing, NASG training, Well Woman Exam skills, Shoulder dystocia skills, Eclampsia skills, Breech skills. Recheck – Prenatal Exam skills, IV Therapy, Phlebotomy, Neonatal Resuscitation, Initial Exam Skills, New-born Assessment, Postpartum Exam skills

Year 3

Herbology, Childbirth Education Classes, Tongue and Lip Tie Identification & Revision. Basic Obstetric Ultrasound skills. Recheck – Postpartum Haemorrhage, Obstetric Suturing, Shoulder Dystocia skills, Eclampsia skills, Breech skills, Neonatal Resuscitation

Student Gift Kit

We know how expensive Midwifery equipment and training can be. We strive to provide a high level education at an affordable cost, thus expanding access to an increased number of skilled and compassionate Midwives globally. One of the many program perks are the Midwifery Student Kits that each student is gifted with
our yearly program.

These kits will help reduce upfront costs, and provide the student with quality equipment to train on and use in their practice for years to come

Midwifery Student Kit examples by year:

Year 1

Blood Pressure Cuff
Midwifery 101 Pocket Guide
Measuring Tape
Pregnancy Wheel

Year 2

Dilation Wheel
Infant hanging sling and Scale
Adult Pulse Oximeter
Chart Templates

Year 3

Midwifery Bag
Delivery/Suture Instruments
Penguin Syringe
Childbirth Education and Fetal Development Flip Chart

Masters in Professional Midwifery Course Outline
Course#Course TitleCreditsClinical Hrs
PM100Introduction to Midwifery20
PM200Basic Female & Neonate Anatomy30
PM300Human Physiology20
PM400Nutritional Supplementation for Fertility through Postpartum20
PM500Fundamentals of Midwifery Skills320
PM600Introduction to Pharmacology20
PM700Prenatal Care I340
PM800Labor and Birth Care I3100
PM900Postpartum Care I340
PM1000Lactation and Infant Feeding Basics215
CLINICALHands On Skills Week I054
Year 1
Course#Course TitleCreditsClinical Hrs
PM101Advanced Female Anatomy & Physiology30
PM201Advanced Nutrition20
PM301Charting 101230
PM401Advanced Pharmacology20
PM501Prenatal Care II – High Risk Pregnancies220
PM601Birth and Labor II – Complications2100
PM701Postpartum Care II – Complications/High Risk240
PM801Obstetric Emergencies320
PM901Introduction to Well Woman Health115
CLINICALHands on Skills Week II054
Year 2
Course#Course TitleCreditsClinical Hrs
PM102Research for Evidence-based Practices20
PM202Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology30
PM302Well Woman Health II240
PM402Advanced Infant Feeding – Oral & Structural Abnormalities310
PM502Herbology in Midwifery120
PM602Understanding and Interpreting Labs310
PM702Basic Obstetric Ultrasound30
PM802Cultural Competence and Community Care10
PM902Business 101115
CLINICALHands on Skills Week III – Graduation054
Year 3
Total Credits63
Total Clinical Hours682
3 year totals

“Become a Global Midwife: Prepare to Provide World-Class Care!”

Want to become a professional midwife and help serve women in your community or around the world? Enroll in Alegria Midwifery College’s midwifery course today and become equipped to provide the highest level of care!