A Glimpse Into What We Do

Enjoy these clients testimonies, we are blessed to serve so many amazing people!

Saying NO to Obstetric Violence

New Life believes in empowering women and ending obstetric violence around the globe!

Bucket Filters

A quick video of one of the many villages we have been able to bless with Sawyer bucket filters. Providing families with in home clean drinking water for the first time!

Operation Clean Laundry Part 1

This video was sent to New Life as a plea for help, check out our response in the video Operation Clean Laundry Part 2

Operation Clean Laundry Part 2

We purchased a washing machine, dryer and platform and set it up up in the middle of this village as a free “laundry mat” for all to use, gone are the days of mildew laundry for these families!

Top Notch Care On the Go

For top-notch care on the go, trust New Life Global Missions. Our innovative car clinic service brings quality health care to locations without access to clinics.

Placenta Tour – In Spanish

This tour will reveal the importance and biological functions of the placenta, as well as why it is so vital to the growth and development of a baby.